Lela Brandão Co., 2021

Cliente Lela Brandão Co. (@lelabrandao.co)
Características Identidade Visual · Impressos · Unboxing
Técnica Serigrafia (SuperHaulis) · Impressão Digital
Tipos Voyage · Circular · PT Mono
Equipe Yugo Borges (Assistente)
Fotografia Camila Tuon Direção Criativa para Ensaio Thata Jacoponi

Lela Brandão, an illustrator, feminist and digital influencer, created this clothing brand during the pandemic. Her goal is to offer clothes that are
both comfortable and stylish. Using the slogan A comfortable woman is in itself a revolution, our task was to create a visual identity capable of generating endless results, in order to keep social media always fresh. The scope included the whole unboxing experience, tags, labels and
business cards.

This visual identity is inspired by a combination of the book Wonder Woman (1972), designed by Bea Feitler, and Lela's illustrations. Through a system of geometric overlapping shapes and simple pattern combinations, the result is an extensive universe with numerous possibilities.

New postcards and stickers will be produced in every collection. The customer will be able to collect them and create their own compositions mixing brand designs and Lela's illustrations.